Traveling Cheap In Style


The cost of travel can be steep But you can travel cheap, By learning the right information, You can enjoy your vacation, And discover traveling this way is neat.

The ability to travel cheaply in style is both an art and a science. With travel cost skyrocketing for the travel industry it's still surprising how many ways remain open to the average traveler.

The key to saving on your travel cost is just in your ability to comparison shop, but knowing when and where to comparison-shop.

For example, a Tuesday afternoon flight to Chicago's O'hare airport from Los Angeles may cost you $ 250. But the man sitting next to you on the same seat paid only $ 195. The example is not far fetched, it happens everyday.

The difference was the person paying the lower price had a little more knowledge, and as a result they save a more money. Now you can to.

Here are tips to traveling cheaply in style.

1. Give yourself time to shop fares, rates, discounts and other prices. The number one reason most people over pay for travel, vacation or hotel cost is lack of time. Either they do not give themselves enough time to shop rates or circumstances force them to take whatever they can find.

1. One of the keys to traveling cheaply in style is to plan your travel. But not too far, you want to plan it far enough to get a good deal, but not so far in advance that you miss a good deal. The key is to hit that middle ground, that sweet spot. Try for 21 days.

2. Learn to use online information to keep informed of current prices. Use sites like Travelocity, Priceline, Hotwire and other similar sites to compare current rates on Airfares, hotels and more. Try to monitor prices at least 30 days or more before you make a commitment if possible. 3. One of the keys many people overlook when attempting to travel cheaply in style is they fail to set a budget. A budget is still important especially when trying to travel cheaply with style. A realistic will work as a measuring stick on how well your plan is coming together or weather you should adjust your plan – and when.

4. Traveling with a group is an excellent way to cut cost. Most hotels, airlines and other travel related companies love groups. You'll often receive discounts, rewards and other perks you would not receive as an individual traveler for the price.

5. Travel during the off-season or during off-peak times. This remains a solid traveling cheaply with style principle. By traveling during off-season or off peak times, you'll not only save money but you'll often receive better service.

6. Search a variety of websites to learn the latest travel tips. Avoid depending on just one site to give you all the information. Receiving different viewpoints is always good; this way you can make more informed decisions.

7. You can often save money by flying with cheaper airlines, just be aware the often use smaller airports. So budget for the extra transportation cost if you have to go into the city.

Use these simple but effective suggestions to make you travel cost shrink and your enjoyment grow. Now you know how to travel cheaply with style.


Source by Roy Primm