Tips Stay Beautiful When Traveling

When traveling, appearance usually rarely a top priority. But Marischka Prudence has her tips!

Travel blogger beautiful Indonesia is also sharing tips for you to stay beautiful when traveling:

1. Customize Outfit

Before leaving, adjust first outfit or clothes that will be taken with the destination. For example, go to the beach, bring some clothes or cotton dress. If to the mountains, bring T-shirts and pants materials are comfortable and strong.

Do not get the wrong costumes. Not only make the appearance does not support, but you may also be uncomfortable because of the wrong clothes to bring.

2. Bring a hat

According to Marischka, hat plays an important role to add beauty when traveling. It can also help to be a great photo property.

For example being summer, you can bring a beach hat. If it’s winter or snowy, can bring a beanie hat or a funny creature. Guaranteed, the appearance will be more kece!

3. Wear Make Up Waterproof

Important! For women, makeup is the key when looking. While traveling too, you also have to stay beautiful right?

Marischka recommends using waterproof or waterproof makeup. It will menage the fixed face with makeup even if exposed to sweat or other water. He also added that likes to use brow coat to keep the eyebrows formed and real even though perfect to swim.

4. Customize the Footwear

The most important thing for Marischka Prudence is not only appearance, but also comfort when traveling. He also said that footwear is also a big influence for a cool appearance.

Customize the footwear with the intended field. For example, want to go to the asphalt, use a comfortable and strong footwear such as sneakers. If to the sand like a beach, can use sandals only, as long as the place is clean. As long as comfortable, must also follow suit!

5. Bring Additional Clothes

Of course, the moment of traveling will be more complete by capturing it into the photo. In order for the better picture and instagenic, try to bring a variety of clothes.

Bring additional clothes outside of actual needs. But do not make a suitcase full of ya. Bring just a few pieces that feel good to be photographed. Also use a lightweight material to be comfortable when worn.