How to Choose the Right Hotel of the things that make a pleasant impression when traveling is a hotel / place to stay in the tourist area. Sometimes hotels / inns also affect our mood when about to start tourism activities. Wrong in choosing a hotel can make our tour can be messy, therefore choosing the right hotel and comfortable and appropriate budget is very important.

There are many kinds and categories of hotels, ranging from the usual, standard to starred. Facilities offered are also various, but more wise if you adjust the contents of the bag. Expensive hotels are not necessarily also convenient, and vice versa cheap hotels are not necessarily ugly anyway.

Now with the advancement of technology and crowded certain tourist destinations to make the competition more competitive hotel managers. Each one wants to provide a good service to satisfy his customers. The hotel is racing to keep its always good, so its sustainability will also be long. As a customer of course we also benefit from this condition.

Here are some things to consider in choosing a hotel:

1 Hotel Location

It would be wise if you choose the location of the hotel closer to the tourist attraction to be visited. In addition to easy, of course save because you do not have to leave the fare again for transportation to tourist sites. Also look for hotels that are close to where to eat, because it will ease the moment of hunger struck.

2 Hotel Facilities

Adjust the facility to your needs. Often the hotel is only a temporary shelter and to store luggage, it would be more efficient if you choose a budget hotel that only offers your basic needs of sleep and clean up. But if you want to travel while enjoying the beauty and facilities of the hotel, for example for a honeymoon or family vacation; choose a hotel that has facilities and services that are complete and satisfactory. Examples: villas, cottages and so on.

Choosing a Cheap and Convenient Hotel Facility obtained certainly directly proportional to the price you have to pay later, set according to your needs during a vacation.

3 Rate Room Rates

Some hotels have official websites, so you can check and order online there. You can also book through travel agent your subscription, because usually there will be discounts. Also look for an existing hotel promo, usually the hotel that gives a decent price discount.

For a budget hotel ask also there is an additional charge for lending towels, hair dryer and locker lock. Is also available free breakfast, coffee, tea, sugar and hot water free of charge. Do not also easily stuck with a cheap price and discount hotel room rates are high.

Some homestays charge per person per person; 1 room contains some bed, maybe this way can also be a consideration.

4 Review from customers

You may consider an inn from a review of customers who have stayed before. This assessment we can search from forums, mailing lists, group traveler etc. Categories that are reviewed include: location, facilities, prices, services and so on. Testimonials from these customers give us a little more idea of the hotel we will occupy. The more complaints insults from customers then you can avoid the hotel. The more recommendations, praise, positive testimony from customers who have stayed before, then can be used as input to use the hotel. Make a confirmation the day before check in order for the hotel to prepare well the room you ordered.

5 Find the previous info

The more information you collect then the more appropriate you can choose the hotel you want. Ask friends, relatives, look at social media for their opinions and experiences during selecting hotels in the area. Nor their opinion about the hotel where they have stayed.

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