Things Must Take If You Trip To Bali

If this is your first time coming to Bali, you may be wondering what to prepare. You may be anxious to pack as much as you can but in reality you can buy your daily needs in Bali, often at a much cheaper price, give your extra luggage space to put your groceries on the island of Bali.

Must be taken


You may leave without saying goodbye, but you can not go to another country without a passport. To travel to Indonesia, your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date you enter and must have a blank page sufficient for visa. Tour agents usually check the passport validity period when booking tickets, but you should check back to avoid you returning to immigration in Bali.

Visa On Arrival

Bali visitors must purchase Visa On Arrival (VOA) upon arrival at the airport. This tourist visa is valid for 30 days from the date of arrival and at a cost of $ 25 dollars. Payment can use local currency Rupiah or it could be with dollars. For visitors from countries not included in the VOA, can apply visa before coming to Indonesia.

Credit Card

Credit cards are acceptable anywhere in most resorts in Bali, especially in hotels, restaurants and shops. Visa and MasterCard are commonly used, while American Express is only accepted in some places. JCB credit card holders will get a discount of about 10  to 30 in certain restaurants. Remember to tell your bank before you leave and tell them you will use your credit card abroad. Your card may be blocked for security policy reasons and you can not use your money.

Sun Block

You must have an effective sunscreen in Bali. With various activities under the heat of the sun, it is important to apply sun block before exiting to start your day. A good waterproof sun block should be used before surfing or rafting and you should also carry a black hat and sunglasses. Many quality sunscreens are available in Bali, imported from places like Australia and Hawaii, that means the price can be more expensive. Our Favorite is a local brand name Surf Yogis – waterproof zinc made with natural ingredients and remain resistant for centuries. Surf Yogis is available at selected surf shops and in several vegetarian restaurants or health shops in Seminyak, Uluwatu and Ubud.


Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Bag is advised to carry your important valuables such as passports, credit cards and money. Outside your bag is no safer, it also makes your hands more free to take photos and carry charcoal groceries. When at night you go to a bar or club, a small shoulder bag that you can safeguard is highly recommended so that pickpockets can easily target a backpack and be left on the table unattended.

Lightweight cardigan

A Cardigan may seem like an unreasonable thing to take to a tropical place like Bali, but you will be surprised by the cold air conditioning that is on the department store and on the way in a bus or car. A lightweight cardigan can also be used to protect from the blazing sun and ideal when you need to cover your superiors when visiting the temple. In addition, higher places like Bedugul and Kintamani can be cooler so it’s good for you to use something to wrap yourself up. If you have plans to go hiking a volcano to see the sunrise, you will need something warm like a hooded sweater or fur.


A pair of comfortable sandals is very important. Most locals use flip-flops for everyday activities, even in important ceremonies at the temple. So you will not feel less when combining your clothes with simple flat shoes. The uneven sidewalks in Bali make it a challenge to use high heels. Even if you bring a pair for a night out or dinner at an upscale restaurant.

Two Swimming Clothes (or more)

1With so many activities located around the beach, it is appropriate to use a swimsuit. To avoid the use of bikini and wet short boar, it is advisable to bring extra swimsuits so you can use while others are still dried. Bali has a tough surfing culture, with dozens of shops and factory outlets to choose from. There are many types of swimsuits available, although the price for the original brand is not cheap.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Water in Bali can damage your hair. The damage is caused by the scorching sun and salt water and you will need good hair care afterwards as well. Shampoo brands are available in various supermarkets at affordable prices but if you have a special salon product, it will be better to bring your own shampoo and conditioner. Ideally carry with size travel size and it will not increase your baggage fees.

Anti Mosquito

Mosquitoes are part of tropical island life and there are many ways to avoid them. Especially during the rainy season. You can do whatever is best to prevent them by using proper mosquito repellent. Spray containing DEET is more effective or if you want a natural, can try the oil saren.

Anti Nausea and Diarrhea Cure

Have a “stomach” problem put a barrier on the visitor’s journey and make your precious time during wasted vacations. Cases of diarrhea and typhoid fever are still reported in Bali, so the action to prevent it by bringing anti-nausea and stomach pain medication to your stomach at any time. Do not drink local tap water and if not used to eating spicy, try to avoid it.