A Guide to Travel on Low Budget or no Budget: 3 Simple Tips


There is a dormant backpacker concealed in every person’s soul. Whether he travels or not, whether he is a go-getter or a couch potato, the fact is that everyone has this element of wanderlust within him. But some people, despite all their cravings, cannot go backpacking for want of money.

So, if you have a very low budget or almost no budget, then here are some ways you can still satiate your desire for traveling:

Find free or cheap accommodation:

One of the biggest expenses for travelers is the hotel tariff. If you are planning to stay for quite a few days in a foreign country or city, your cumulative hotel bills would be pretty much a pocket-burning affair! So, if you have a constrained budget, then look around and find a cheap accommodation! Using internet, it is easy to find hotels which are very budget-friendly. Moreover, you can always keep an eye out for discounts. It is strongly recommended that you travel during the off-season when tariffs can just nosedive! Alternatively, you can look for a free accommodation as guests of any resident family! With today’s social networking trends, such ideas are really gaining momentum.

Get cheap or free flight tickets:

Another big expense which eats up a huge portion of your budget is the air fares. Ideally, you must keep looking for cheap flights& deals (again, travel during the off-season when prices are relatively low). Many credit card companies and other brands are now offering stuff like bonus points which even add up to help you enjoy a fully free air ride

Cooking your own food:

If you are planning to stay for, say, 10 days in an overseas country, your restaurant bills will be high enough to give you indigestion. One less popular but extremely innovative cost-cutting strategy is to cook your own food. You can just pick up vegetables and cereals from the local markets and cook your meal on your own! Most low-budgeted and ardent backpackers try this out! It also helps them explore the local bazaars and add weight to their culinary skills!