Six Reasons Why Coorg Should Be Your Next Travel Destination


Your next leisure trip to India would become more splendid if you travel to Coorg that is the Scotland of India. Coorg is located amidst the beautiful and imposing mountains in the Karnataka state of the country. The landscape is misty, but it is a paradise for the natives and for those who frequent it each year. Officially it is called Kodagu and it has become the most affluent hill station as well.

You will find many exotic and breathtaking views, as well as forested hills with the coffee and spice plantations. The central point of this place is ‘Madikeri’ from where various transportations move about and reach back respectively.

Why Coorg should be visited?

Your visit to Coorg can be due to many reasons or purposes. The tourist spots and sights are surely worth visiting when you travel to Coorg at any time.

1. Abbey Falls: These falls …

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