Six Reasons Why Coorg Should Be Your Next Travel Destination


Your next leisure trip to India would become more splendid if you travel to Coorg that is the Scotland of India. Coorg is located amidst the beautiful and imposing mountains in the Karnataka state of the country. The landscape is misty, but it is a paradise for the natives and for those who frequent it each year. Officially it is called Kodagu and it has become the most affluent hill station as well.

You will find many exotic and breathtaking views, as well as forested hills with the coffee and spice plantations. The central point of this place is ‘Madikeri’ from where various transportations move about and reach back respectively.

Why Coorg should be visited?

Your visit to Coorg can be due to many reasons or purposes. The tourist spots and sights are surely worth visiting when you travel to Coorg at any time.

1. Abbey Falls: These falls are located amidst the privately-owned coffee plantations having stocky coffee bushes and the spice estates that are laden with entwined pepper vines. Just opposite the falls a hanging bridge has been built to move across the areas on both the sides. The river is part of the early reaches of the River Kaveri and the falls rise high during the monsoon season.

The approach to the falls is from the private coffee estate and a person can walk ascend up to the falls through a flight of steps with ease. These falls join the River Cauvery.

2. Nagarahole National Park: Travel to Coorg to see the most befitting and diverse wildlife to exist in the whole of India. The Nagarahole National Park is one of the best wildlife reserves in the country that is frequented by many every year.

You will find multiple plat species and shrubbery as well as several species of mammals, rare birds, crawlers and the reptiles. Inside the park, there are Asian elephants, Indian bison and the tiger as well. Other animals include grey mongoose, striped hyena, leopards, wild dogs, spotted deer, jackals, wild boars, sambhar, Indian porcupine and the four-horned antelopes as well.

There are more than 270 species of birds in this park that include the endangered birds like Nilgiri Wood-Pigeon, Greater Spotted Eagle and the Oriental White Backed Vulture. Various types of snakes are also found here that include Indian Rock Python, rat snakes, vine snakes, wolf snakes, Russell’s Viper and the bamboo bat viper.

3. Irappu Falls: The Coorg travel guide becomes more fitting and beautiful due to the inclusion of the amazing Irappu Falls. Located in the Brahmagiri Mountain Range, this is a fresh-water cascade and also known as the Lakhsmana Tirtha Falls as well.

Every year thousands of tourist visit the falls because of its breathtaking views and splendid beauty. In fact, it has remained one of the most popular pilgrimage spots over the years. The famous Rameshwara temple is located at the banks of Lakshmana Tirtha River en-route to the falls. During the festival of Shivaratri, the temples attracts a huge number of the pilgrims.

4. Tadiandamol Peak: Having an elevation of 1748 meters, the Tadiandamol Peak is the highest mountain peak in Coorg. The view from the top of peak is simply mesmerizing and many tourists prefer to do trekking though the journey is steep and hard.

The historical and famous ‘Nalaknad Palace’ is also present at the foothills of the peak and it has remained an area of great interest for the naturalists as well. The climb to the top of this peak can be completed in a day, though it is a pretty good location for camping for those want to stay overnight to rest.

5. Dubare Elephant Camp; A visit to Coorg without the visit to Dubare Elephant Camp will seem dull and incomplete. It is truly a delightful and fascinating experience for those who love animals and that is known for the superb Dubare training facility and the presence of many elephants.

Apart from the elephants, you will get the chance to see other animals like bears, partridges, peacocks, gaurs and the spot leopards in the surround forests. The Forest Department here is also known to conduct some treks along the well-defined routes as well. Moreover, you will get the chance to get involved in other activities like fishing and river rafting.

6. Raja’s Tomb: Located in one of the most magnificent hill station of Coorg, this tomb depicts the pervading building style of those days that were known as the Indo-Sarcenic era. Travel to Coorg if you want to know and admire the beautiful architecture and design of the ancient tombs like this one respectively.

The Raja’s Tomb like the other two famous tombs is built in the Muhammadan style where the tomb lies in the center and the turrets are present on the four corners. It lies just 1.5 kilometers from Madikeri from the north-eastern side and can be reached by air, through road or though the train. You will also find the mortal remains of the Royal Kodavas in the tomb as well.


Source by Aleena Afzal