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Very good advice! I’ll undoubtedly consider buying some of the objects on your record to present as a gift to somebody on the road – cash is king, but a considerate present could make a much bigger difference than the couple of bucks it value. Low cost advance prepare tickets usually limit you to travelling on the trains booked. Even if you cannot commit to travelling on a specific practice , avoid travelling in rush hour- travelling off peak is cheaper! A fully wonderful show. Exceeded my expectations and the entire household beloved it! Especially my 3 yr previous daughter!

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They have checkpoint security screening tools, and you could submit your luggage, allow them to go through your belongings and scan them/you if you’re asked to. This can be a random revision or chances are you’ll look suspicious to them. Simply do it, don’t take it personally. Ice, thanks to your skilled comments. I do hope I’ve got it right, but all the time grateful for any updates.