Holidays at The Beach Don’t Forget to Play Surfing

Toddler riding wave on surfboard smiling

Surfing is a kind of water sports are very cool, and surfing is one of the fun ways to enjoy the beauty of the sea. Waves, sun, and wind gusts beach is a fun story to enjoy the surf. For those of you who want to feel the thrill of this exciting sport, you can begin to learn now. Below is a guide to learn to surf and enjoy the ocean waves.

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People who want to learn to surf preferably at least been able to swim, to master a variety of styles swim and have guts enough to fight the waves. Additionally, for those who want to study in earnest, we recommend that you have the necessary equipment so that you can continue to practice anytime. But if you still want to try, then hire surfing equipment is provided on the beach could be an alternative.

Equipment needed for surfing include surfboards, straps to tie the feet with a surfboard, and swimwear. Then, we also need to warm up enough to avoid injuries and cramps that may be harmful. Keep in mind that before bringing a surfboard us to the sea to begin to try surfing, we need to fully understand the technique of surfing, and we also need to practice the technique on the beach on the sand first, and then in the water that is still quite close to the shore, then if it has smoothly we could try the larger waves. It is advisable for us to have a surfing instructor and do not be too confident to do it yourself.

Theory of surfing is actually quite simple, but can be quite difficult for beginners. One of the important things that need to be trained in the surf is a balance. Learning phase begins with how to ride a surfboard to the sea to look for waves. The trick is to lie on his stomach on the board and push the board into the sea with both hands.

The next stage of learning is standing on a surfboard. After getting the waves are quite large, rising from a prone position to a standing position on the board is one of the most difficult movement in the surf. To do that we rise by relying on our hands, and carefully turn to a rather squat position with hands still holding the board to balance himself, then stood with legs slightly bent.

For beginners should learn in the beach area that the waves are not too big and not a lot of rocks. Please also note that we have to be in the part that feels most balanced on the board, do not be too backward or forward.