Travel Types and Destinations


It is often said that the world is getting smaller; this isn’t to be taken literarlly but purely means that it is easier to get to places around the world. Travel is now far easier, quicker and cheaper than it was a hundred years ago. A century ago it would take days to travel the length of the country, now the other side of the world can be reached in the same amount of time.

In addition to reduced cost and time, there are other reasons why people now travel more. People tend to have much more free time than they ever did before, this enables them to take holidays and visit places that would never be considered in previous years. A trip to the other side of the world would have taken a boat journey lasting several months, which no one but the very rich could afford to take off work.

There is such a wide choice when it comes to destinations that it can be difficult to decide where to go. Almost everywhere in the world is accessible, be it a destination in the near vicinity, a next door country or somewhere on the other side of the world. Many people will spend a weekend just visiting places in their own country; it is often amazing how much of local culture is missed just because people don’t travel a short distance to take it in. Holidays are often taken several hundred miles away just because it is quick and easy to get to with the growth of air travel.

There is also a wide choice of how to travel. The development of the airplane has meant destinations a long way away are now much more accessible. For closer journeys there is of course the car and the bike. The cruise liner and train are also popular forms of transport when it comes to more leisurely forms of travel. Cruises can be taken all around the world taking in the sites of the Arctic, the islands of the Caribbean or the historic sites of the Mediterranean. Additionally there are also many popular train routes, including the Orient Express as it travels across Europe.

Most people will take a break from work to travel at some point in their life, be it for a week for their annual holiday, or for a longer break after college or university. It is still a dream for many people to just pack up work and go travelling.


Source by Manuel Wiggins