Top Vacation Destinations For Single Women


Top vacation destinations for single women are normally fun filled and are characterized by parties, daytime activities as well as an exciting nightlife. Miami South Beach is one of the well liked vacation destinations for singles. The beautiful shores are perfect for hanging out as you sun bathe. There are also many night clubs where party girls can dance the night away. Las Vegas is also a perfect spot for single women, thanks to the Sin City’s pools spread all over the Las Vegas strip. The night life is amazing and singles can have fun at the exotic clubs.

Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is also a perfect vacation destination for single ladies, particularly during summer and spring. Single women will enjoy great parties as well as exciting entertainment. It is also known for the wild tequila packed parties. Singles can also enjoy the excursions on the sandy shores of the city. It is the perfect spot for single women looking for a fun party-packed vacation.

Ibiza, an exotic island just off the coast of Spain is another great vacation destination for women. It is characterized by sandy white beaches suitable for single women who would love some time on the beach while just swimming and sun bathing or gathering around with friends to tan. The night life here is also quite interesting and is home to Privilege, the biggest night club in the world.

Women can also head for the health resort in Rancho La Puerta. Encircled by mountains, meadows as well as gardens, it offers a perfect vacation destination for singles who still want to look after their health and fitness while on holiday. You can go for fitness classes, yoga and also enjoy hiking on the mountains. It has three health and beauty centers and guests can also opt to take cooking classes. The food served at the Spanish colonial dining room is mainly lacto-ovo vegetarian.

Iceland is also a great vacation spot for single women offering several earthly wonders. You can enjoy the geothermal pools and spas like the ones in Lagoon. The night life is also amazing in Reykjavik and offers quite a fun experience for the party birds.


Source by Frederick M. Jones