Top Ten Safest Holiday Destinations


Holidays are for relaxing, not for worrying! Who wants to worry about their safety when they’re trying to de-stress? Unfortunately it’s often easier to figure out which places tourists should avoid, than which countries will welcome them with open arms. However, Forbes Traveller has recently chosen the top ten holiday destinations, based on various studies. The choices are based on criteria such as the UN Crime Study and the results from this year’s Mercer Rankings Study, as well as warnings from the US Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Some choices, such as Switzerland, peaceful New Zealand or glittering Singapore were to be expected, but there are some surprises in store…

ABC-Islands (Caribbean) The ABC of safety are the southern Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. The reasons? For hurricanes, they are too far south, they have low crime rates and a multicultural tourist-friendly population.

Dubai Artificial, but safe! Although …

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