Tourism – Characteristics of a Place Product & Segmentation on Basis of Place Product


Tourism is an important component of the big business of leisure that sells a destination or a place product. The characteristics of a place product are:

· Spatial scale: a place is inevitably one component in the hierarchy of spatial scale, a characteristic unique to the place product. The potential holidaymaker buying Goa may be simultaneously purchasing other levels of hierarchy – the hotel, India, east etc. A different structured hierarchy may create a different product.

· Multi sold: The same destination, the same facilities etc. can be sold to different groups of consumers for different purposes.

· The place may be viewed differently in tourist origin area and tourist destinations inclusive of travel in the former and exclusive in the latter.

A place product is distinguished by variety of businesses and experiences obtainable at that place. Each individual consumes a unique selection of these products. As a consequence, …

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