Singapore for Vacation, Here are The Tips

Singapore is indeed the ideal country to visit when you want to vacation abroad for the first time.
Well, if it’s your first time visiting this country, here are some important tips!

Tip 1: Proper Attire

Singapore is also a tropical country like Indonesia. This means you don’t need to take a thick jacket or even a fur coat with you. Bring comfortable clothes, especially those made of materials that can absorb sweat. the average temperature in this country throughout the year is 25-31 degrees Celsius with quite high humidity.
Although there are no drastic differences in the seasons throughout the year, every November-January the average rainfall increases. So, try to bring a thin plastic raincoat that you can tuck into your bag or umbrella!

Tip 2: 3 Days Is Not Enough To Enjoy Singapore

Who says a 3 day vacation is enough to fully explore this country. Although this country is not that big, but because of many interesting things in this city.
so plan your trip well, and note which ones have and cannot be included in the itinerary.

Tip 3: Make Sure You Visit Must-Visit Places

If it’s your first time visiting this country, you must visit the iconic places that you usually see from the photos of people who have vacationed here!
Don’t forget to take pictures at Merlion Park with the famous Merlion statue, visit the Esplanade which is always full of artistic activity, and of course shop at Orchard Road.

Tip 4: The MRT is the Best Way to Explore Singapore

It’s a fun country to explore even for first time travelers because it’s so easy to get anywhere. Especially if it weren’t for the MRT which is very easy to use and has a very wide network in almost all corners of this country.

Tip 5: Walking is also one of the best ways to explore Singapore

If you usually sit still in the office a lot, a vacation to this country is the best opportunity for you to exercise because this country is a city that is truly pedestrian friendly! With wide sidewalks and often covered with roofs, roads in this country are a real pleasure.
Pedestrians in this city are so spoiled that Singapore has a trekking path in the middle of the city, you know, which is called the Southern Ridges. Psst… this path also passes through the beautiful Henderson Waves, you know!

Tip 6: Find a Hostel to Save on Vacation Expenses

If your vacation budget to this country is limited, you can choose hostels instead of hotels.