Penang – A feast to eyes

Penang is a state within Malaysia loved by many tourists around the world. As the country is within the equatorial region, expect more colours of nature and vibrant atmosphere due to rainfall all round year. You can’t expect more from the sky if a bright sunshine follows a rain.

The strength of the industries in this area gives the name as Silicon Valley of East. This is one of the reasons for being a multiethnic state. The visitors can find different kinds of people with no match in their faces. Despite being an industrial state, it has always encouraged the tourists.

Penang tourism

For those who wants to escape to a place with less money in the hands, Penang can be a great option. If the celebration is your way of life, then you are at the right place with festivals almost always due to the multicultural population. This has made people visit from many parts of the world. The government conducts the Annual Town festival which has become a favourite for visitors.

If you are a beach lover, jump into Batu Ferringi located in Penang with many beaches. After you surf enough in the water the entire day, there is nothing to worry about your stay due to the availability of numerous resorts. Parks, garden and historical tourist spots has attracted kids too to join the fun.

Penang to Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is one of the best countries​ for tourists with better transport facilities. Penang is considered as an economical place for tourists with food and travel at low cost which is what expected by tourists to live more with less money. Even though you can fly from Penang to Kuala Lumpur, travelling through the land is the preferred choice for many tourists. It is not just because of the inexpensive way, but for the experience got in the journey.

You are fortunate if you love gazing at green trees sitting near a window. During the journey, you will encounter a lot of beautiful greeneries. Travelling through roadways especially on this route is a good choice if you prefer to feel the cultural differences of this country. It takes six to seven hours to reach Kuala Lumpur from Penang. Kuala Lumpur is another destination preferred by most of the tourists who visit Malaysia.

The increase in tourists has also increased the variants in buses. But one must always try to book the tickets in advance. This is to avoid queues as many passengers are travelling on this route in unexpected numbers. It is good to know that Penang and Kuala Lumpur has also attracted enormous numbers of bus operators. Best comfort and luxury can be achieved by selecting the best among these operators.

The bus operators have considered the tourists to provide the utmost luxury possible in the route. The bus operators have designed the buses to ease the journey of six to seven hours for the satisfaction of the travellers. For more information on bus from penang to kl, visit the reputed online source.