Know more about how to order food from train


Those days are gone when people used to carry with them two to three individual bags full with food while on the travel in trains. It is been natural that people feel the need to have homemade food while on the travel and so. Are you one of them who is been looking for how to order food from train? It is indeed simple and hassle free to do. TravelKhana is been a recognized e-caterer that has associated with IRCTC and is founded to cater travellers in trains better food with rich and good taste. All thanks to the platform that has actually come to the rescue for all and now there is no more any concern related to the hygienic and quality of the food among people as everything is been available right at the seat berth within time and without any fuss. The packets that are delivered are packaged nicely and in an innovative way.

Doing order food from train without even moving anywhere from your seat berth has become interestingly simple these days. The order could be placed either via website online or via helpline number or even via mobile app that could be easily downloaded as per the operating system you have been using. The toll free number of TravelKhana is 08800313131 and passengers can call up them anytime they feel like grabbing food. The payment could be also made as per the choice like from the net banking, credit card, debit card, or from cash on delivery. Most of the people prefer cash on delivery so make sure to keep a bit of cash too while travelling. There is some minimal order amount too and that could be easily fetched while going their menu and everything. If you are ordering from the site, you need to first select down the station at which food delivery needs to be done and once it is been selected and clicked, a list of all trains come running and crossing that junction and you can select them accordingly where the food needs to be delivered. Once you select the specific junction, the menu card will appear instantly and you need to finalize after having a look over the same what to order and let them know about it as well.

In case, you are travelling with a bunch of people or in a large group, most likely you will get extra discount over your order. So, make sure to ask for them if anything special offer or discount could be made on the same. In case of any query or concern, feel free to ask them any time and they will assure on the other hand to resolve the concern at its earliest. The technological advancement has really solved so many things and complexities of people and save their lots of time and energy that could be inculcated in the process and so. At the time of order food from train, it is actually necessary to do mention your pnr number too. It is like mandatory at the time of all kinds of order bookings with them irrespective of from which mode you have been placing an order. So, in case you want to order hot, fresh and hygienic food delivery services in moving trains and at any of the specified railway stations and looking for some kind of booking, do make sure to do the booking by letting them about your pnr number, order that needs to be placed, station at which the delivery needs to be done, train name, train number, seat and coach so that the meal could be delivered within time and without any problem at extremely nominal prices. So, make the most of your travel by placing an order online with them and travel without any concern about the quality and freshness and richness of the food. Feel free to go through the variety, meals, beverages, light snacks, meals and more and order anything for which you have been craving for and get back with memories. Stay updated of the technology, make full use of them and make your journey safe and enjoyable one. Along with proffering delicious e-catering food delivery services, from this platform people can avail a large array of other services as well including checking out pnr status, accessing time table online, seat availability, check running status of trains and more. So, order food from train from them and make your journey like a remembrance.