If the house is fragrant and fresh definitely your heart so happy

Just spray deodorant with your favorite scent, finish it already! Apparently that habit if done in the long term can harm the body, you know. Then, what is the solution?

Fresh, clean with a mild smell. Ideally such scented homes. However, it feels very difficult for us to keep the house clean and fragrant. Whether it’s the smell of cigarette smoke, the smell of food or any other stinging smell.

Usually, many families and relatives are arriving and the problem of the scent of this room can be an annoying thing for the owner. Although already sprayed deodorant, Mom should do 4 easy things so that the scent of the room remains fresh and clean.

Opens the window

The fastest way to get rid of the odor in the house is to open the window wide. Unless Mom lives by the side of a highway or industrial area, usually the air inside the house is dirtier than outside the house. So, make it a habit to open a window or door every morning for air circulation.

Diligently replace bed linen

The bed linen becomes the ‘shelter’ of sweat, body fluids and dead skin cell crumbs that accumulate every night. Leaving the sheets for a long time will cause odor. Replace sheets and wash each week to keep clean.

Clean the carpet

Carpets become the most common nest of bacteria, fungi and dust in the home. Gathering of all kinds of these bacteria, in addition to harmful to health, also gives rise to unpleasant aroma. Clean the carpet secra routine by deep-cleaning in laundry or clean using baking soda.

Air freshener

Rather than using a room-made air freshener, replace it with homemade room fragrances. Mix a cup of distilled water, 3 tablespoons of alcohol and 20 drops of favorite essential oil. Beat in a spray bottle and spray it all over the room.

The smell of the odor room not only disturb the sense of smell, but also means there are germs and bacteria that are around your house. Hope this helps you to create a clean and comfortable home, right!