Hong Kong Tour that Offers Unforgettable Experience

When a user of the question and answer site Quora tries to ask “Why do people travel? Indeed, what do you feel when you go on a trip?”, Jasmin Mous, another user, who on her profile claims to have started exploring the world solo since the age of 19, answered at length.

According to Jasmin, traveling provides irreplaceable pleasure for anyone. The joy of seeing and trying new things, the pride that comes from experiencing them firsthand, brings excitement, joy, and love to people’s hearts.
More than just carrying the body from one place to another, for Jasmin a trip is also an effective means for those who want to grow and change. Because seeing the world means expanding your horizons into more possibilities.
“You see more, know more, and want more,” he wrote. “Then you start to focus on achieving meaning in life because you experience unprecedented changes.”

Of course, we can feel everything that Jasmin mentioned by experiencing it for ourselves. Especially when you visit Hong Kong.
Yup! As one of the centers of tourism, arts and culture in Asia, Hong Kong has many places that offer new adventures with tons of exciting experiences to add to your life.

Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark

On the Sai Kung peninsula, lies a coastal area with vast white sand. The blue sea is ready to sweep your view from offshore to the horizon line in the distance.

Uninhabited green islands, volcanic rock hills and cliffs, and various other geoheritages will also welcome your visit here.

Hiking Trails, Lau Shui Heung

If you think hiking is a good idea, but the volcanic hills with steep cliffs are too extreme as the path, be happy, because the trail around Lau Shui Heung Reservoir is the right alternative for you.

Originally used to irrigate nearby farmland, the Lau Shui Heung Reservoir has long since lost its primary function. Even so, these natural attractions are still favored by many hikers because of the beautiful environment and biodiversity. The hike on this trail only takes half a day at a leisurely pace.

Historical Hakka Village, Lai Chi Wo

After mingling with the serene natural landscape, your adventure in Hong Kong can be continued by witnessing the local traditional culture. Because of that, Hakka Village in the Lai Chi Wo region could be an option.
Located on the northeastern tip of the New Territories on just one hectare, Lai Chi Wo is home to over 200 hillside homes. This village has a history of more than 300 years, being built by the founding clans from mainland China.
Lai Chi Wo is one of the oldest in Hong Kong among the well-preserved village settlements. The deep beliefs and philosophies of feng shui or Chinese geomancy show that the villagers developed a way of life in harmony with nature since the village was first founded.

Mural area

Now, let’s add more color to your journey than just the dominance of green in Hong Kong. Try walking the streets of shopping areas such as Yau Ma Tei, Mong Kok, and Sham Shui Po.

There, you will see various walls that are used as canvases of colorful murals by local and international artists, ranging from those that combine East-West instruments, to murals that are deliberately made to reflect the story of the building owners and their profession.


Talking about art tourism destinations, Hong Kong is not only rich in street art, but also with works that are integrated with the latest technology, both in terms of medium and aesthetic vision. You can see the work in various art galleries in Hong Kong, one of which is M+.

Located in the West Kowloon Cultural District overlooking Victoria Harbour, M+ is Asia’s first global contemporary visual culture museum. The various works of art here come from various regions from Hong Kong itself, Greater China, other locations in Asia and beyond, which include a variety of visual arts, design, architecture, and moving images that offer creative interactive experiences.