Destination Weddings – Who Pays For What?


The most common problem when planning a beach wedding or destination wedding is to decide who pays for what. This is also something to discuss on a traditional wedding, but on destination weddings there are many other expenses very different from traditional wedding expenses and it is not always clear who should pay for what.

A destination wedding often consists on a ceremony, reception and even honeymoon at a far away beach hotel. Airfare, hotel rooms, meals and extra activities are expenses that you do not have in a traditional wedding. Deciding who will pay for what should be defined clearly before the wedding, to avoid problems.

There is an etiquette of destination wedding spending. The groom and the bride should pay the wedding and the reception. Guests should pay all their travel expenses. However, the bride and groom can arrange group rates and offer this to the guests. There can be special guests that cannot afford these costs, in this case the bride and groom can pay for them.

A destination wedding can be cheaper for the bride and groom, but it is much more expensive for guests. Guest are not expected to give any gifts, attending to the destination wedding is considered as the wedding gift in most of the cases. You can include a card suggesting this in the same envelope as the invitation, just in case some of the guests are not used to destination weddings and do not know destination weddings etiquette.

You can expect that many of your guests will not be able to assist because of the additional costs involved. In fact, this is one of the reasons this type of wedding is cheaper than a traditional one for the bride and groom, the guest list will be smaller.

It is very important to have all these things clear to avoid confusions. It can be very disappointing to discuss about money when you should be spending the best days of your life.


Source by Deborah T. Ernst