Destination – Australia Vacation


When the regular John Q. Traveler thinks about Australia, he usually pictures koalas and kangaroos, along with a vast array of other marsupials. For a discerning traveler though, the smallest continent on Earth provides a wide range of fabulous possibilities during an Australia vacation.

With a 360 degree view of pristine blue waters, an Australia vacation provides immense opportunity for numerous sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing and water skiing. With exactly 7,000 beaches available for your pleasure, and less rain than any other populated continent, Australia offers a paradise for those who enjoy the water.

After you have experienced the Great Barrier Reef through snorkeling, take off on a hike in the second largest rain forest in the world. Follow that with a day of golf where you can see kangaroos graze on the green. Your Australia vacation gives you the chance to explore a variety of terrains – with massive tracts of desert and rugged mountain ranges contributing to the topical diversity of this exquisite continent.

Ensure that your Australia vacation also includes exploring its rich colonial history, along with the many cuisines and art forms available.

An Australia vacation happens on a continent about the size of the 48-continental United States, yet is inhabited by the least amount of people found anywhere in the world – with only 20 million people. Located in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are just the opposite of those in the US. When it is freezing in Washington, it is warm in Sydney. Surely you don’t want all that awesome Aussie sunshine to go to waste while you shiver and shake? Head down under and get your share!


Source by Seth Raymond