A must-see in Amsterdam: The Moco Museum

Are you planning a trip to Amsterdam and are you into art? Then you absolutely can’t miss the Moco Museum. This is a museum of modern art, that always offers several expositions at the same time. If you like contemporary art then this is absolutely the placet to go. Don’t forget your camera, cause you’re gonna want to take loads of pictures! The Moco Museum calls itself a boutique museum with a wide range of inspiring and contemporary art. They have works of well-known artists like Banksy, Keith Haring and Jeff Koons as well as works from relatively unknown/upcoming artists.

Museum in Amsterdam for contemporary art

The Moco Museum aspires to reach a wide audience by selecting a collection of pieces that use humour and irony to reflect on modern society. They don’t avoid sensitive topics, which can make it an eye-opening experience to visit this museum Amsterdam. The wide collection of artworks is colourful, humorous and often breathtaking, and they’re all exposed in an inspiring way. A visit to the Moco Museum will leave you inspired and impacted by the whole experience, not only by the artworks but also because of the gorgeous building it is situated in.

Where can I find the Moco Museum?

This contemporary museum in Amsterdam can be found in the so-called Villa Alsberg. This is a former townhouse overlooking the well-known ‘Museumplein’, which is a big square where lots of museums are located. It’s a very old building (designed in 1904 by Eduard Cuypers) that has been used by families and priests and later as a school and even a law firm. Nowadays you’ll find the Moco Museum in this lovely townhouse, which (again) gives the house the status it deserves. Enough reasons to visit this wonderful museum in the middle of the city.

A cultural holiday in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of those places that offers a wide range of options for those looking for a creative, cultural experience. The Moco Museum is a very popular one among those, but there are so many other museums in this city. This one though is suitable for almost every type of visitor. A wide range of people will enjoy the art they have exhibited, and for sure recognize many of the artworks. Since they have so many pieces of famous artists it’s a true must-see. And this museum in Amsterdam will for sure impress you too!