7 Important Traveling Tips When Traveling to East Asia


When setting for an East Asia location, never expect to unveil its mysteries. All you can do is take some the following travel advices below and hope you discover as much as possible during your trip.

1. By bike or motorbike
Rent a bike or a motorbike so as to travel around rural East Asia without worrying about the width and condition of the roads.

2. By train
As distances are quite long between main points of interest, you can travel at night by train, using a sleeper compartment. You rest during the night and the following day you find yourself at your next destination.

3. Never refuse food
Most Asians will be delighted to see and welcome you. As a sign of their hospitality, they would even offer you food. So it would be rude for you to refuse it.

4. You will the event of the week
During your travel, you may be getting to places rarely visited by foreigners. Your looks and luggage will thus be the attraction of the day, if not of the week! Be polite and open, as you are curious to discover new countries and people, your hosts are at their turn curious to discover you.

5. Exchange money at a bank, if possible
Exchanging money is a thriving business in most Asian countries. Rates are set according to the traveler and the place the transaction takes place. Hence, it is highly advisable to look for a bank in order to exchange your money into the local currency.

6. Beware of pickpockets and fabulous trades
As in other countries, pick pocketing is an annoying habit in East Asia too. Do not speak of how much cash you are carrying on you and avoid crowded places. Also, spend your money on any fabulous trades you encounter at every street corner. You may have the surprise to discover the same fabulous trade only two streets away, at half the price you paid!

7. Show respect
Respect the customs and representative figures of East Asian countries. For example, it is forbidden to touch monks and point your feet at religious shrines and statues.


Source by Benny Horowitz