Traveling by Train


Wanting to travel to a nearby country, but don’t wish to spend a huge amount or go through the hassle of a flight? Or the frighteningly long journey of a bus, and don’t have a car as well? Well fear not, for the train is a good alternative as well. Now some people might say that the train is old dated and rather useless for traveling, but their conceptions are wrong. The train is still widely used to this day, like between states in larger countries or between countries in most parts of South East Asia. This article will cover tips and pointers on traveling by train and how it can be a fun and comfortable ride for all.

Firstly, to travel by train is one of the cheapest alternatives available nowadays as well as having a reasonable traveling time. Judging by the high end prices most airlines have, traveling by train is definitely a better option, unless you have money to spare, in which case you can save plenty of time. And speaking of which, compared to bus rides, the prices don’t differ a lot, but traveling by train is usually the much faster alternative.

Secondly, train rides can be used for leisure too! Yes, in most train rides, you would normally see scenery and places that normally you won’t see while taking other modes of transportation. You could even take a long train ride to a country, maybe spend a day there and take the ride back. On the ride to and fro you could take some time to sleep, or meditate on certain stuff to help ease your mind.

Lastly, traveling by train can be used for bonding in families too. As mentioned in the previous point there are many types of scenery that are otherwise missed, sad to say. If the train does allow it, you could even have a picnic on board! And once you reached your destination, you could spend a night there or go back the same day, for bonding between family or friends, and it works really well too.

In conclusion, traveling by train isn’t as boring and mundane as most people might think. In fact, if you give it a chance, it’s actually rather interesting and as mentioned before, bonding strong ties between family members. Not to mention a rather cheap cost and beautiful places to look out for. All in all, do give the train a try if you have the chance. After all, what have you got to lose out as well?


Source by Misako Ayuni