Relationship Milestone – The First Trip With Your New Boyfriend Or Girlfriend


They say you will never know someone until you have lived with that person. Traveling with someone for the first time will also have the same effect.

Taking a trip for the first time with a new boyfriend or girlfriend is one of the major milestones in a new relationship. More than providing a new venue for a romantic time together, a trip will also help in assessing your compatibility as a couple.

If you plan to take things slow, just a short weekend getaway is recommended. Overnight at a bed and breakfast, a weekend at the beach, or a short drive to another town are just some examples.

To ensure a smooth and stress free experience, take a package tour. While these typically cost a bit more, the fine details of the trip are already taken care of.

One popular option for package tours is the all inclusive resorts both here and abroad. There are even some resorts that cater exclusively to couples, especially those in the Caribbean.

However, if you really want to know your new partner better, take the plunge and really go traveling. This means foregoing the convenience of a package tour and going backpacking to the other side of the world for example.

Traveling to a new place with the two of you taking care of all the details of the trip instead of signing up for a packaged tour is prone to more surprises. These include delayed flights, lost reservations, vehicle breakdowns, and actually getting lost when traveling.

People react differently to the typical travel glitches mentioned above. When you take a trip with your new boyfriend or girlfriend, you get to see how he or she reacts to stressful situations and you get to decide whether you would want to continue the relationship or not.


Source by Danielle Freeman