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Activating AMPk to Lose Weight If by any chance you can activate a certain enzyme in your body in order for it to burn your bat and boost your metabolism, will you do it? Will you believe that this is true? Scientists have found out this breakthrough when it comes to weight loss through AMP-activated protein kinase or AMPk. The amazing results of the activity of this enzyme can give you the answer to your question in terms of having a beautiful body. It is very important for your body to have a high AMPk activity so that you will not have any problems such as the following: poor blood sugar control, obesity, chronic inflammation, insulin resistance, high blood cholesterol and triglycerides, increased visceral belly fat, neurodegeneration, and mitochondrial insufficiency and dysfunction. AMPk acts as a “master regulating switch” in your energy metabolism, and is actually found inside your cells. When it comes to the determination of your body fat composition and the visceral “belly fat amount, this enzyme absolutely plays a big task. This activity also affects the number of years you will live in this world. A person will grow old and will have low AMPk, which can result to muscle mass loss and visceral fat accumulation.
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Today, many researchers are finding natural ways to improve a person’s AMPk in order to have a more healthier life. You can improve your AMPk activity by considering dietary strategies and food components which are good for you. These natural approaches will definitely give you promising and effortless results in achieving a healthy body.
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The AMPK in your body is influenced by many factors, which include a variety of your hormones and dietary factors. The sensitivity of the cell to the hormone insulin is said to be the most important influencer of the activity of AMPk in your body. AMPk activity is reduced through insulin resistance. Abdominal obesity is very close to insulin resistance. If your waist is bigger than your hips, there is a strong possibility that you are suffering from insulin resistance. If the number and size of your fat increase, it may lead to a reduction in the compound’s secretion which promote insulin, which includes adiponectin, a novel protein produced by fat cells. If there is also an increase of resistin, which dampens the effect of insulin, the situation will worsen. Resistin decreases the AMPK activity but the Adiponectin increases it. Adiponectin improves the body’s insulin sensitivity and metabolism, while resistin increases blood lipids, poor blood sugar control, and atherosclerosis development. The AMPk activity in your body should be very well which is very achievable if you take good care of yourself. If you are taking a good AMPk activator, you will surely have an improved insulin sensitivity in your body.